Lost face?Korean service ranked four professional players with the same team, but suffered five passers-by players beat

2022-07-19 0 By

It’s almost universally accepted that pro players are better than casual players in esports because of the intense daily training that pro players do for a living, with the help of a behind-the-scenes team of coaches, analysts and so on.The most important thing is that these players have dominated the ladder of passers-by before playing professional, many factors make esports audience generally believe that the strength of passers-by are difficult to compare with professional players.However, unexpectedly, in a high-end game of Hanbok recently, even though four LPL pros were on the same side, they were still defeated by five pure passers-by.Such an outcome has changed the concept of deification of professional players by many netizens. After the professional team lost to the anchor team in the official match, the audience even doubted whether professional players are really far better than the passer-by king or the technical anchor.In one of the most talked-about Hanbok matchups of the offseason, BLG’s on-road breathing team was pushed aside by shooter Doggo and JDG’s Missing.At that time, the anchors and viewers who were broadcasting the high-end hanbok game on OB thought that the only way to win the game was to have four professional players in red, but it turned out that four professional players lost to five casual players.A 26-15 head-to-head ratio was enough to make it a crushing game, with passers by’s wild hitter, Luis Foyego, winning the MVP and a perfect 10-0-10 record.By contrast, only Doggo of the four pro players in the red team has a positive record, which surprised netizens.After seeing the hanbok ranking, many viewers even doubted the pros.Of course, this is only a ranking match, and does not represent the real strength of the players, and because most of the hanbok ranking depends on the training lineup, so it is very common for professional players to lose to passers-by.What’s more, in this game 369 was forced to play the medium unit, which he was not good at, because he bumped into the position of breathing brother.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.