Sharing xinzhou grain food this exhibition and marketing activities are interesting

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Ren Yin tiger age, tiger step dragon teng.On The eve of the Lantern Festival, a month-long exhibition and marketing activity of “Xinzhou miscellaneous grains into Xiongan” was held in baiyangdian Never Night City in Xiongan New Area on February 14.This is another major action taken by the two sides to deepen cooperation after xinzhou Party and government delegation visited xiongan New Area in January, marking a new stage of cooperation between Xinzhou and Xiongan New Area.In February, Xiongan was covered with snow and snow, with a good omen of good harvest, making up the appearance of winter and bringing good hope!Exhibition site, Xinzhou 14 counties (cities, districts) a variety of special agricultural products “all appeared”, the staff enthusiastic explanation, electronic large screen circular broadcast propaganda, attracted groups of consumers stopped to watch, taste, buy, the activity scene atmosphere is warm.At the trade fair.Xinzhou Agricultural industry development Center director Liu Caiping said happily, in the municipal Party committee, the city government attaches great importance to, strong promotion, “Xinzhou grains into Xiongan” exhibition activities officially launched today.In order to prepare for this event, we have overcome various difficulties and made concerted efforts.Enterprises in all counties also cherish this exhibition and sales activity very much. It can be said that more than 300 kinds of high-quality agricultural products in ten categories have successfully entered Xiongan.We have set up 16 booths in this activity, covering all the green, organic, functional, landmark and other high-quality agricultural products of xinzhou “One capital and seven townships”.We hope that through this exhibition and sales activities, a better and more comprehensive display of xinzhou quality products, xinzhou excellent image, let Xinzhou cereals out of Xinzhou, into xiongan, towards the country, towards the world.”World coarse grain to see Shanxi, Shanxi coarse grain to see Xinzhou.Xinzhou, as the “Capital of coarse grains in China”, has more than 200 varieties of high-quality coarse grains, with a perennial planting area of 3.5 million mu and an annual output of more than 1.2 billion catty.The national coarse grain market is built in Xinzhou, and the shanxi coarse grain export platform is operated in Xin. Xinzhou is identified as the “National characteristic coarse grain advantage area” by nine ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.Gao Wenkai, chairman of Shanxi (Xinzhou) Coarse grain Export Platform Co., LTD., proudly introduced to xiongan consumers.”Our export platform company brought a total of 14 varieties of coarse grain products to the xiongan fair.These products xiongan people still like very much, but the best selling or small grains hand plate noodles.This hand plate, which we just launched last year, now has eight pieces, divided into three categories.In the next step, we will continue to upgrade this noodle. It is expected that all new products will be on the market in April. In the next step, we will provide more and better products of coarse grain noodle for xiongan people.Ji Yongmao, a member of the Standing Committee of Wuzhai County Committee and executive deputy head of wuzhai County, said, “The government provides the stage and enterprises play the role.”This exhibition booth has a large scale, a long duration and a wide range of products, which plays a very timely and important role for enterprises to introduce their products into the Xiongan market. Thank you very much for the platform set up by the governments of Xiongan and Xiongan.Wuzhai this time to participate in the activities of the products are mainly medicinal tea series, sweet glutinous corn series, grain flour series, vinegar series, oat series……In addition to promoting the development of wuzhai-related agricultural enterprises, the whole event also provides xiongan people with green, healthy, excellent, special and excellent products. We are also constantly learning from the experience of Xiongan New Area and other counties and taking this opportunity to seek more cooperation.”Today I pass by to see xinzhou fair, came in to have a look, tasted the millet found good, buy a few bags back.””I heard that there was a trade fair today, so I came here to visit. The flax oil here is very good, and now people like to eat grains and cereals. Such trade fairs should often be held, and you can buy all kinds of cereals you need at home, which is very convenient.”…Coming and going xiongan consumers enthusiastically chatted with reporters.Join hands, meet each other halfway and create brilliance together.At present, the construction of Xiongan New Area is in full swing, and the construction of Taixin Integrated economic zone is taking a strong start. With the help of Xinzhou coarse grain industry, Xiongan and Xin will certainly take a new step of regional coordination in promoting high-quality development in an all-round way.(Qiao Longfei)