The best way to spend your life: Stop fighting

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Martin Garrard, a famous American psychologist, once did an experiment: before the execution, the judge took the condemned prisoner into a dark room, tied him to a bed, and told the condemned prisoner that he would bleed to death.The judge then had the condemned man’s left wrist cut with a piece of wood.Then he turned on the tap and dripped water into the copper basin under the bed, making a ding-dong sound.The sound of the dripping changed from fast to slow, and the prisoner on death row felt great fear.He felt a sharp pain in his wrist, and he was losing blood.A day later, the judge returned and found the prisoner on death row dead.The death was recorded as similar to death due to blood loss, but, in fact, he did not lose a drop of blood.The most typical state of internal friction is this: the body is still, the mind is active.Can consider more than the heart, the heart will decline.The best cure for life is to refuse internal strife.01 Let your heart tired, everything is overthinking.During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 9.World no. 1 Ren Ziwei was disqualified from the men’s 1500m short-track speed skating final after being fouled in the semifinal.When reviewing his mistakes, Ren ziwei often says that he failed because he thought too much.Before the semifinals, everyone expected Ren ziwei to win a third gold medal.Ren ziwei himself has been thinking about how to reach the first place in the final, which tactics to win faster, and what to do if he can’t get the first place.Before the game of excessive thinking, let him back heavy ideological burden.So that in the official competition, Ren Ziwei coasted badly, made a simple mistake, collision foul, was cancelled result.”The semi-finals are not over, but I keep thinking about the final,” Ren said.I lost half of it before I even got on the court.”As the old saying goes, “Those who have a heart are tired, but those who have no heart are indifferent.”Most of the time, people live tired, not because of the difficulties, but because they think too much.A small thing, think much, will be unhappy;A big thing, think more, will bear pressure;A good thing, think more, will be swayed by considerations of gain and loss;A bad thing, if you think about it too much, you can’t sleep.Heart is simple, the world is simple;Complex heart, complex world.Tired of life, tired heart;The heart is not tired, people are not tired.The most terrible thing about a person is not that he has failed all the way, but that he has been blocked by all kinds of thoughts when he should be concentrating on moving forward.In life, are you often like this: tomorrow’s exam, obviously there is plenty of time, but still have to worry about whether I can catch it;During the day all the words out, at night before going to bed, or to think about whether to say;Other people sing and win the attention, and they say to themselves, “If I join in…””Overthinking is an internal drain,” psychologists say. “It doesn’t help you, it drains you of all your energy.”The most lossmaking thing in the world is to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet, to worry about the outcome of your fantasy.People’s energy is limited, don’t take everything to heart.In life, do your best;Relationships, let nature take its course.Stop mental internal consumption, do not think about everything, is a person’s best state of life.What makes you miserable is internal friction.Psychologist Mike Hall tells the story of a patient who was checking moments before bed to find that his colleague Alan had “liked” all of his mutual friends but not himself.Hall was frustrated. He remembered that his work was mediocre, his relationship with his boss was mediocre, and there was no prospect of promotion in the near future.He felt as if his colleagues, not only Alan, despised him.He regretted not giving gifts to his leaders.The more Hall thought about it, the more upset he became.The next morning, send daughter to kindergarten.After being reminded by the teacher, Hall remembered that there was an activity in the kindergarten today and the teacher had sent a notice to wear formal dress yesterday, which he had forgotten.When it was too late to go home and change, her daughter was disqualified.Looking at her daughter standing alone, Hall blamed herself, feeling that her family had been ostracized because she was worthless.After that, Hall became depressed.Other people’s casual words, let him fall into a deep remorse and sadness.He began to lose sleep, his hair fell out in great chunks, and he became haggard.There is no such thing as trouble in the world.Some pain is caused by focusing on the small things in front of you and magnifying the unpleasant things.Festinger’s law famously states, “10 percent of your life is what happens to you, and 90 percent is how you react to what happens to you.”For sensitive people, others a simple word, a casual action, may affect his heart, about his mood, affect his mood.However, all things are good and bad.The more you care about something, the more it will torture you.Care about the eyes of others, will be shy and nervous;Pay attention to the opinions of others, will blame themselves for mistakes;Expect others’ evaluation and suffer from mediocrity.There are many hardships in life, so there is no need to fall into internal conflict for every little thing.Those who criticize you may be used to nitpicking;Those who ignore you are indifferent.A person’s most clear cognition, is to understand the words and deeds of others, has nothing to do with their own.Peace of mind, out of internal friction, is the beginning of a strong life.Refusing internal strife is the best antidote to life.Xiao Li and Zhu Yun, the owners of two neighboring clothing stores, were forced to close their stores during the epidemic because they could not make ends meet.When the store closed, they both sank into depression.Bamboo narration all day long sighing, complaining about natural and man-made disasters, eat and sleep well every day, often quarrel with people, make acquaintances have to avoid it.Xiao Li was also depressed for a while, but she soon picked herself up and learned to live deliver goods online.During the day, she tries on clothes and explains on camera.In the evening, she repeatedly watched live videos of other anchors and joined several live broadcast groups to learn live broadcasting skills.In two months, Xiao Li studied more than 100 live broadcasts and filled a thick book of notes.Now, Xiao Li has her own fan base.Not only repeat purchase ceaselessly, the new powder is also increasing sharply, the sales volume turned over several times than before.There are always disappointments in life. Instead of being tortured by spiritual internal friction, it is better to heal yourself with action.Maybe action won’t bring you success right away, but it will get you out of trouble slowly.In the classic movie forrest Gump, the mediocre forrest Gump eventually becomes a war hero, sports champion, political celebrity and millionaire.People do not doubt the success of Forrest Gump, the analysis of the road to success of Forrest Gump, has never stopped.There is a highly praised saying on the Internet: “Why is Forrest Gump successful?Because Forrest Gump never wanted to succeed.When he does anything, he does it without thinking of the result.”In football, when he gets the ball, he just runs.In table tennis, he kept his eyes on the ball.Daily good, not afraid of thousands of miles;Do it every day, not afraid of thousands of things.People who seem to be better than you just get out of it sooner than you do.Only by not being disturbed by external things can we enrich our soul.Life is easy when you don’t punish yourself for other people’s mistakes.Zeng Guofan said: “adapt to things, not welcome the future, not mixed at the time, neither love.”Heart wide, worry free;A great heart is at ease.There is a saying, Empty talk is the foam of water;Action is the drop of gold.”Work, not afraid of slow, afraid to break.When others are still hesitating about what to do, you have defeated most people by taking the first step.As champion snowboarder Su Yiming said: “What’s ahead?Slide down and the answer will come.”The simplest cure for internal friction is immediate action.Refuse to fight, act now, is the beginning of life for the better.