The “cholesterol” in food was found to be the biggest, not fat meat, these three types of food advise you to eat less

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# Health Welcome the New Year # Guide language: mention three high, a lot of people are not beginning to have a headache?Especially if you’re in your 40s, you’ll see an increase in the number of people around you who have been diagnosed with hf3.It is not certain that one day their blood pressure and blood lipid will also appear abnormal, especially some people often drink and eat big fish and meat, in such a diet, people’s blood lipid is difficult to maintain stability.One, what symptom can the body have after cholesterol elevates?1, dizziness, chest tightness after the cholesterol content in the human body exceeds the standard, our mental state will be affected to a certain extent.In addition, modern people especially like to stay up late, a lot of people’s sleep time is not quite enough, so that no matter you are at work or in the entertainment will have the feeling of dizziness and fatigue.In addition, high cholesterol can block blood circulation, which affects the blood supply to the brain, leading to frequent dizziness and a feeling of tightness in the chest.Obesity is something we don’t want to face, but there are also some people who can’t manage their bodies well.Some people become obese simply because of their improper control of diet, eating too much and not exercising enough, which causes their bodies to become fatter and fatter.While getting fat, blood pressure and lipids are also prone to problems.Obese people, most of whom face high cholesterol, the same rise in cholesterol will further increase the accumulation of fat.3, osteoporosis The development of human bones is mainly affected by calcium. After entering the middle and old age, more people will face the problem of osteoporosis, mainly due to the insufficient absorption of calcium in bones.The rise of cholesterol will also affect the absorption of calcium, so people with high cholesterol may suffer from osteoporosis or even bone and joint diseases in the future.”Large cholesterol” was found in two, food, not fat, this three kinds of food to you eat less 1, animal innards common animal innards is pork liver, pork lungs and cattle and sheep’s liver, there are many people usually drink especially like the animal internal organs as a kind of snacks should we have, also some people in order to give the body compensatory nutrition to eat animal innards.Animal guts do contain certain nutrients, but they do more harm than good.Because animals have high levels of cholesterol in their guts, the more they eat, the greater their risk of rising cholesterol.2, alcohol usually like to drink, or people who have the habit of drinking into the middle and old age, the probability of cerebral infarction is very high.Because long-term drinking can gradually damage people’s blood vessels and lead to an increase in blood pressure, it can also lead to an increase in cholesterol.Alcohol in the bloodstream will further promote cholesterol synthesis, for the sake of vascular health, people who have a drinking habit should quit drinking.3, seafood now more kinds of food, there are a lot of food cholesterol content is not low, like seafood friends should pay attention to, do not want to cholesterol rise, be sure to bypass those seafood with high cholesterol.For example, many people like to eat shrimp, crab, sardines and so on, the cholesterol content of these seafood are not low.Conclusion: Preventing cholesterol should be a matter that every middle-aged and old person should pay attention to. To do this well, we should form a healthy exercise habit from a young age, and also pay attention to our diet.Regular exercise and keeping your weight within a normal range can reduce your risk of developing cholesterol in old age.