The sea month is the day last month, in front of the people is the sweetheart

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The reflection of the moon on the sea is the moon in the sky, and the man in front of me is the man I love in my heart.I know that everything is in vain, but when the one I love appears in front of me, I still can’t help myself.The two love each other, but helpless.Think see all prosperous, detached, love and hate separation, with you.But do not want to, the beloved person that knows well not to get, resemble cry for a moon in water general, nothing is dimly visible, but as long as ta appears in front of, still be at a loss, affection does not know place, go to and deep.Never think, have seen too many human changes in temperature, love hate entwine, think life is like play already see through, but turn oneself body cannot be detached however, same trouble for the affairs of the world, for the feeling trapped, for the feeling bitter, for the affairs of the world trouble.In front of the deep love but not the people, just like the sea of the moon, if you do not love me, even if I see again is not touch.Because of love, so mercy;Because understand, so tolerance.Blame yourself, have the ability to like others, have no ability to let others like yourself.The world all envy “eyes” is a beloved beauty, neglecting all two of a kind do not necessarily have the result, also is not all love can get it, for many people, often is “I hope, my what break life”, if love can’t try so hard, the only let nature take its course, blame only blame margin of shallow, always helpless offspring.Perhaps some people will say, can peep in the sea far away moon, the beloved is also lucky to appear in front of, such luck, such a beautiful is really enviable.But don’t forget, the sweetheart is often as far away as the moon, then that kind of love but not the pain, for you fade away, who knows?The sea month is the day last month, in front of the people is the sweetheart.The moon is beautiful tonight. From now on, the people in front of you will be memories that will comfort you for life.People have joys and sorrows, the month waxes and wanes, this ancient difficult to complete, I wish people for a long time, even miles of moonlight.