The “three five” work Law of the Public Security Bureau in Zhaotong, Yunnan province promoted the “river and lake police chief system”

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Daily patrol police Zhaotong city public security bureau for the figure in recent years, zhaotong city, yunnan province, the public security organs resolutely carry real carry on ecological environment protection important political responsibility, main responsibility mainly focus on the public security organs, innovation to build five responsibility system, set up five working mode and work standard “3 by 5” adhere to the five full execution of work, strengthening the protection of the public security organs of ecological environment protection and direct-cleaning management work,We vigorously promoted the “river and lake police chief system” to a new level.Construction of “Five-level” Responsibility System Zhaotong Public Security Bureau and The City River Chief office jointly issued the Implementation Plan of “River and Lake Police Chief System” of Zhaotong Public Security Organs, insisting on leadership and participation of all police.Build cities and counties in total is responsible for the public security bureau chief, in charge of the bureau leadership to be responsible for, annular eclipse medicine mapping departments directly responsible for launching hanging together, the related department is responsible for, in the charge of the police station of the “five responsibility system”, refine goal task clear, uniformly to promote work and formed thing someone tube, some people do, blame someone work situation.On August 19, 2021, the Environmental Medicine Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau was established, and the function adjustment of the forest police brigade in 11 counties and urban areas was completed synchronously. The “River and lake Police Chief System” was fully launched, and the study and publicity of laws and regulations such as the Yangtze River Protection Law and the Chishui River Basin Protection Regulations were fully rolled out, and all the work was vigorously, orderly and effectively promoted.Based on the five key tasks of river and Lake police chiefs, the Public security organs of Zhaotong adhere to the main line of cracking down on water-related crimes, and actively explore the construction of the “five Modernizations work system” with institutionalized work, task list, standard standardization, data chart and operation manual.Fully implement the working mechanism of “weekly summary, monthly notification, quarterly supervision and annual assessment” of public security organs at the city and county (district) levels, and make every effort to promote the implementation of work.Metro comprehensive combed the whole city 148 rivers and 215 the location of the reservoir distribution, length, volume, the sheriff, etc., to draw a general (yunnan) river sheriff schematic diagram of the management, accurate annotation of distance, auxiliary police section people based information, contact phone number, etc, to achieve a figure appears, wall charts command, month by month to QingChanShi priority items, standardized management,Follow up work progress throughout the process.In addition, to effectively solve the problem of “JingChangZhi of lakes” law enforcement, in the full investigation and repeated proof, strengthening the docking with the method of inspection, on the basis of successively established to handle the destruction of ecological environment criminal case instruction, work instructions and legal handbook “pocket books”, strengthen law enforcement training, standardize law enforcement activities and promote role and ability.To carry out the work standard in accordance with the “five” long river “in coordination, sector linkage, territorial jurisdiction, responsible for” step by step work principle, strike hard and punish, daily patrol, the publicity, sector linkage, and other key work, strictly implement the full-time controls, global coverage, the whole chain, all link regulation and comprehensive propaganda “five complete work standard”,Comprehensively strengthen the comprehensive management of river and lake ecological environment, all rivers and reservoirs to implement 1 district police chief, 11 section police chief and 150 name card police chief, according to the “district police chief season patrol, section police chief monthly patrol, section police chief Week patrol” requirements to carry out 1,022 river patrols;Held 16 joint meetings with relevant departments, established 9 working mechanisms, carried out 18 joint inspections and 94 joint remediation actions;262 information personnel, 276 grid personnel, 1141 river patrol personnel and 538 forest rangers were integrated to participate in the joint patrol, protection, prevention and control of river and lake police chiefs;Posted announcements, issued 7460 leaflets, carried out environmental protection publicity activities, legal consultation 295 times, sent law into the village, warning education 187 times, accepted the public report case clues 3.At the same time, the public security organs of Zhaotong closely focused on the key waters of jinsha River and Chishui River, vigorously promoted the crackdown on illegal fishing and sand mining in the Yangtze River basin, and ecological environment crimes in the Chishui River Basin.Since 2021, the municipal public security organs have investigated and handled 39 criminal cases of illegal fishing in the Yangtze River basin, transferred and prosecuted 80 people, confiscated 17 electric traps, 7 batteries, 5 inverters, 108 nets (poles/cages) and 2 boats, and caught 78.11 kilograms of fish.Yunnan net reporter Zhao Gang