Your boss knows more about your preferences and trends than you do

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“It only costs 40,000 in three years to monitor employees!”It has been revealed that Zhihu is quietly laying off staff, while some say it has installed a system to monitor employees’ movements to identify their intention to leave.After verification by Zhihu, it was found that the source of the incident was that a KOL posted a screenshot of a software system suspected of monitoring employee dimission on the Internet. Later, some people misinterpreted the picture and associated it with Zhihu.As things fermented, it turned out that this system did exist.The system will not only record employees’ online behavior, but also analyze employees’ intention to quit.Some netizens revealed that they were discovered by the company’s system when they were sending resumes, and finally dismissed by the company.Some companies even monitor employees’ bank accounts and phone records…The system is paid by the year, the cost is related to the network bandwidth, the number of terminals, some companies only need to spend 40,000 yuan in three years can use, and the most expensive will reach hundreds of thousands.It is understood that the system comes from the shenxin platform. According to the official introduction, the function of this behavior perception system includes resignation tendency analysis, office network situation analysis and work efficiency monitoring.System can list different employee turnover risk, have a “high risk”, “suspected”, “suspicious” and so on the different levels, can also see the staff recruitment website access number, apply for positions within the station, search keywords and resume delivery times, even the staff in the recruitment site delivery resume can preview and download.According to the company’s website, more than 100,000 enterprise users are using the product.”Objectively speaking, we can be understood as’ selling dao ‘with a license. We can’t intervene in who bought the dao and what to do with it,” said Shen Xinxin, the secretary of the board of Directors.For example, after a camera is produced, whether it is bought to spy on others’ privacy is beyond the control of the producer.Liu Kai, a lawyer at Zhongwen (Changsha) Law Firm in Beijing, said: “In the modern workplace, employers install a computer monitoring system to monitor employees’ working status, which helps protect important data assets and improve the efficiency of business operations.At the same time, when employers collect and process employees’ personal information for labor management purposes, they should follow the principles of legality, legitimacy and necessity, avoid excessive collection of employees’ information and take strict protection measures.”How would you feel if your company monitored you at work?From the Financial Breakfast Complex