Good news!Shandong University Dongying alumni Association health Management Club was established

2022-08-06 0 By

On the morning of March 27, 2022, the founding meeting of Health Management Club of Dongying Alumni Association of Shandong University was held in Yanxuan Stomatological Hospital of Dongying city. More than 30 alumni representatives from various medical institutions and related industries attended the meeting.Shandong University Dongying alumni Association president Liu Guanguo, vice president Yuan Qingzhong, vice president and secretary General Chang Wei, deputy secretary general Hu Jingtian, Guo Lijian, Zhang Hongxia is visiting to provide guidance. Leaders of relevant departments of the alumni association are attending the conference, which is hosted by alumni Xu Cuiqin.”Wherever I am, I am a mountain;When you’re there, it’s home…”The conference opened in the melodious song of The Alumni of Shandong University.In his speech, President Liu Guanguo highly affirmed the significance of the establishment of health Management Club of Dongying Alumni Association of Shandong University, expounded on the current health situation facing the country and the urgent needs of the people for health management, and expressed the requirements and prospects for the club’s future work.According to the constitution of shandong University dongying Alumni Association and approved by Shandong University Dongying Alumni Association, the presidium of shandong University dongying Alumni Association consists of 4 people. The chairman of the club is Zhang Hongxia, the deputy secretary general of shandong University Dongying Alumni Association. Xu Cuiqin, Zhou Junjun and Zhang Zongqi are the vice chairmen.Fu Chunxiang, honorary chairman, pointed out in his speech that we should make use of the resources of Shandong University, our Alma mater, to help alumni in the industry to improve their personal ability and career development.Make full use of personal skills and industry advantages, and strive to provide high quality health care and services for alumni and their families.Zhang Hongxia, the president of the club, made a statement. She said that she would organize the members of the Alumni Association of Dongying Of Shandong University who are engaged in the medical and health management industry to spread the concept of health management, share the experience of health management and improve the level of physical health.We sincerely hope that we can unite and cooperate, gather the wisdom and strength of alumni, and guide them to carry out scientific and effective health management.In the warm atmosphere, President Liu Guanguo and President Zhang Hongxia inaugurated the club and invited alumni Zhou Junjun, vice president of the club and president of Yanxuan Stomatological Hospital, to deliver a congratulatory speech.Zhou Junjun said that he felt very honored that the club chose Yan Xuan Stomatological Hospital as the office place, and shared his experience and knowledge in stomatology, and everyone benefited a lot.Finally, the alumni had a thorough discussion on the development of the club, and they actively shared their valuable knowledge and experience in related fields.During the discussion, President Liu guanguo pointed out that the work of the alumni association should follow the principles of fraternity, dedication, honesty, openness and inclusiveness, which aroused the profound thinking of the alumni present.As the first club established by the Dongying Alumni Association of Shandong University, The secretary General of the association, Chang Wei, made a detailed work deployment and arrangement, making it a benchmark and model for new clubs.After the meeting, we took a group photo and visited Yan Xuan Stomatological Hospital.Health is a kind of soft power. Only with health can we create a better life.The establishment of health Management Club of Dongying Alumni Association of Shandong University will actively respond to the health needs of the majority of alumni, serve the people of Youcheng, serve the majority of alumni, serve the development of Alma mater, and serve the social development.To truly make the alumni association into an alumni home, join hands to contribute to the construction of a healthy east Camp “great strength”, promote the work of the alumni association to a new level.