More than 400 “volunteer Red” protect “Forest Green” in Baitu Town, Qujiang

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“Old man, tomb-sweeping day, must not burn paper money, firecrackers, can not carry fire into the mountain yo.”On April 3, the first day of qingming Holiday, the author in Shaoguan Qujiang District Of Baitu town, each village neighborhood committee of each road into the mountain, all saw wearing “red vest”, arms wearing bright “red armbands” of volunteers on duty.They selected key forest areas, areas prone to fire and areas with frequent fire to carry out publicity patrol, and reminded the people who visited the mountain to guide them to abandon bad habits and make civilized sacrifices to create a civilized and green festival atmosphere.Sue arch in clay town village checkpoints, made up of in the village cadres, village cadres, the ranger 3 in the jurisdiction of the volunteer service to stick to the road or run in the country yard, mountain fields play sacrifice propaganda broadcast, hanging prohibited wild propaganda banners with fire or into the forest, cemetery hill garrick work, eliminate fire hazards and to the possibility of fire risk in the bud.Bai Tu town Sugong village party chief branch secretary Feng Jingfeng said: “do a good job of patrolling the mountain, can in the publicity of forest fire prevention at the same time, strict investigation in the forest illegal use of fire behavior, and timely processing some small fire may appear, not to achieve a ignition, do not smoke a point of the goal.”Up to now, Baitu town has organized more than 400 volunteers to participate in forest fire prevention work, posted 55 forest fire prevention notices and issued more than 10,000 publicity materials.Spring forest fire critical moment, more obvious party cadres to bear the essence of nature, in the forest fire battle, white soil town “red vest” “red armband” volunteers with practical action to protect the green mountains and clear water, to build a solid ecological barrier in northern Guangdong contribute to the white soil strength.Tang Yin Tang Zhongxiang Chen Fusheng Tang Yin South Press Media Group South + client source: South + – create more value