New Year’s Eve Dinner in the eyes of foreigners brings you a taste of Shanghai!”Love Life Warm Spring”

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With the Spring Festival, the most important traditional festival for The Chinese people, just around the corner, Yuyuan Garden, an old city garden in Shanghai, is full of the flavor of the New Year.Every Spring Festival, People in Shanghai will have a family reunion, bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year according to traditional customs.Now, foreigners from all over the world studying and working in Shanghai have also fallen in love with Chinese culture. When in Rome, do as the Romans do and celebrate the Chinese New Year with friends at home and abroad.”Happy Year of the Tiger”, “Kung Hei Fat Choi”, “Happy family”…The sound of blessings from their mouths.”Squirrel mandarin fish”, “Hairy crab fried rice cake”, “Sixi baked bran”…A series of Shanghai New Year food, let foreigners clap their hands, immersed in the tip of the tongue full of happiness.The Information Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and Xinmin Evening News jointly launched a short video series entitled “Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner in the Eyes of Foreigners”. Let’s follow ma Xingxing, assistant director of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, to explore the food and local customs of Shanghai people’s New Year’s Eve dinner, and integrate into the happy and peaceful Chinese New Year!Nanxiang steamed bun (video duration: 1 minute 58 second) four pleased with bran (video duration: 1 minute 11 seconds) stir-fried river shrimp (video duration: 1 minute 7 seconds) topped with fresh lotus veal (video length: 1 minutes 33 seconds) Shanghai fish (video length: 1 minutes and 32 seconds) in duck (video length: 1 minutes 42 seconds) squirrel mandarin fish (video length:2 minutes 44 seconds) Fried Rice cake with hairy crab (video length: 1 minute 45 seconds) Fried Spring cake with crab flour (video length: 1 minute 19 seconds) Eight treasure hot sauce (video length: 1 minute 31 seconds)Edit: Wu Ting * reprint please specify from Pudong release official wechat