Qingdao: spring new semester research to find real problems really solve

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China Education News – China Education News (reporter Sun Jun) In accordance with the requirements of more grass-roots, more schools, more to the front line, to strengthen the grassroots work of research, diagnosis and improvement, at the beginning of the new semester, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Education leading group members led the organs of the department staff into 8 research groups,They went to schools (kindergartens) directly under the municipal district of The city for a 5-day initial survey.It is understood that the initial investigation in the content of the city highlights the key education work and the major deployment of the superior, focusing on the party building, standardize school running, improve quality, campus safety and epidemic prevention and control, education equipment and logistics support.The investigation was carried out by attending lectures and evaluating lessons, holding seminars for teachers, students and parents, on-the-spot inspection, listening to reports and centralized feedback.Eight research teams will visit more than 90 primary and secondary schools (kindergartens) in 10 districts, cities and bureaux. They will attend more than 700 lectures and hold nearly 300 symposiums.The problems found in the survey will be uploaded to “Qingdao Education E Platform”, and the schools or departments with rectification problems are required to complete rectification within this semester.After the problem rectification is completed, the research group and the investigated unit will carry out two-way mutual evaluation, and the problems that are not satisfied with the evaluation will be dealt with again, so as to effectively promote the investigation to find the real problems and solve the research problems.On February 17, Jiang Yuanshao, executive deputy secretary of Qingdao Municipal Education Working Committee, director of Qingdao Education Bureau and Party Secretary, and 10 people went to Qingdao No. 2 middle School and Qingdao No. 37 Middle School for investigation, and checked the implementation of various work after the school opened.Jiang Yuanshao proposed that the problems found in the survey at the beginning of this period and the opinions and suggestions collected should be implemented one by one to promote the improvement and promotion of school work.According to the introduction, Qingdao district municipal education and sports bureau will also carry out synchronous beginning of the survey, using the favorable opportunity at the beginning of the school, find out the real situation at the grass-roots level, master the school difficult problems, to do a good job in the new semester to lay a good foundation.This article by the original certification, author, access to query access to authorization information.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)