The woman was cheated more than 40 thousand, because used a mobile phone function!

2022-08-06 0 By

Smart phones have more and more powerful functions, and more and more apps are available, and many criminals have taken advantage of this situation to constantly “innovate” fraud methods. Recently,Nanjing qinhuai district police received help a lau said she had been fraud more than 40000 yuan but she never leaked bank card number and password on the day of the liu received a call from Harbin each other purported Harbin police and liu alleged illegal entry “police” to send her to a so-called “wanted” after check all the information on a “warrant” and liu himselfThe information matches the other party’s hope that Ms. Liu will go to Harbin to deal with it in person with her certificate, but if it is not convenient, she can also choose online operation. In panic, Ms. Liu downloaded and installed a mobile phone software under the guidance of the other party, which actually has a screen sharing function.Each other to fool says liu commonly used credit CARDS will be frozen need to deposit in the card first turn out into the other card is in the process of liu operating mobile phone transfer to each other through the screen sharing function directly see liu for the transfer password information such as mobile phone verification code ZhiMaYing beside qinhuai, nanjing public security bureau bureau the policemen Liu Yuyuan said after the fraud molecules get bank account informationShe logged on to the victim’s account and cleaned it up. Ms. Liu thought she was “clearing her name,” but she fell directly into the scam. Now,The police have launched an investigation into the incident. The police reminded the “Public security law” authorities to handle the case will not send files through the network. For links from strangers or unfamiliar APP software, we must be vigilant, remember not to enter bank card account number and password at will to avoid causing property losses to ourselves.