Weining, Guizhou: Konjac industry with small common development to get rich

2022-08-06 0 By

In recent years, Weining County, Guizhou Province, according to local conditions, actively play a leading role in the demonstration of large farmers, longchang town four villages to large households with small households, to the point with the way to continue to optimize the planting structure, adjust the scale of the industry, and vigorously develop konjac planting, for the masses to increase income to broaden the road to wealth.The weather in Weining is cold during winter and spring.In longchang town four village villagers Bai Xiangrong konjac planting base, but it is a scene in full swing.Konjac harvesting, the whole family, you dig me, we cooperate.Konjac harvest, Fanny pack drum, bai Xiangrong a more dry more vigorous.Bai Xiangrong, 52 years old, had an indissoluble relationship with konjac since 1992.He came across a wild konjac tree growing well in the field, and his curiosity was sparked by the growing of potatoes and corn in his village.So he dug the tree home and transplanted it. When it was ripe, Bai kept it as seeds for planting.With the passing of time, “konjac birth konjac”, Bai Xiangrong from the beginning of a konjac, the development of today’s 7 acres of konjac, last year his net profit from selling konjac amounted to more than 40,000 yuan.”Konjac is 10 times more profitable than planting corn and yams,” Bai said.Next I want to scale up.”30 years of konjac planting, Bai Xiangrong studied konjac planting technology, he from the initial “technical white” metamorphosis into a “planting master”, whether it is seed selection, management care, disease and insect pest control, as long as people do not understand to ask him, he can speak.Bai Xiangrong said: “the kind of konjac must have technology, like this year’s high drought and flood climate my konjac have no plague, I use konjac seeds quite drought-resistant, water-resistant.”Konjac can not only be edible, but also as a medicinal, good market prospects, high price, do not worry about sales, after seeing Bai Xiangrong planting konjac get rich, many villagers in the village began to join the team of konjac planting.In the process of planting, Bai Xiangrong has accumulated over the years to teach each other planting techniques.One man is not rich, but all are rich.Now, under the drive of Bai Xiangrong, the konjac planting in four villages has reached more than 350 acres, we work together to do planting, increase income and get rich.Peng Meiguang, secretary of longchang’s Four villages Party branch, said: “There are 58 households growing konjac in our village, and the per capita income is more than 20,000 yuan.Going forward, we will vigorously implement the ‘Five-five Plan’ campaign and continue to focus on konjac cultivation, so as to consolidate the industrial foundation for rural revitalization and bring more villagers’ incomes to prosperity.”Source: Visualize News