“Snow in the fierce knife line” : The man zhao Zhi loves most is never Xu Xiao, but is he all the time

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“Ten years to repair the Song Yushu, hundred years to repair the Xu Fengnian”, “In the Snow fierce Sword” is not not high evaluation of xu Fengnian, his appearance is also quite praised.But it does make it clear that prince Seiko, who is handsome, looks more like his mother than his father.Xu Xiao, the king of Northern Liang, as a meritorious military official with mixed reputation in the temple and all corners of the country, was the ruler of the three northwestern states with only one hand.But the military power of the king, not handsome, not tough, but not tall, looks more humble, more in the battle of the West Chu left leg in the arrow, fell a slight lame sequela.Although there is not much ink, but all the viewers described him as a middle-aged rich man with white temples and a slight hump, rather than a military officer.However, the appearance of this old man looks insignificant, life has left countless legends.He did not have the appearance of handsome natural and unrestrained, also did not dominate the world’s peerless force, but he relies on powerful personality charm however, focused on a large group of able person different person in his side, also let many excellent women to its favor add.In addition to his wife Wu Su, it is even the female emperor of North Mang, the queen from Yang are also obsessed with him.Especially, Zhao Zhi, the queen of Liyang, has been holding a kind of indefinable feelings towards Xu Xiao.Many people say that Zhao Zhi really loves Xu Xiao, but is that really the case?Not necessarily.Her true love has always been Zhao Dun, whether he was at the beginning of the humble prince, or later ten thousand on the emperor.In those days she and Hong Silken, Wu Su 3 people are the close friends in the eyes of the world, but a few people are informed that she is having very big ambition as Wu Su however, from the heart does not like her.She confessed to hong Silk acquaintance in the past, more profound friendship.But know hong Silken does not like her then act, but with later Wu Su more intimate.Although she was miserable in heart, she never let go of her pride. However, even when you became the master of the harem, she still used the same bronze mirror that Hong Silk had given her in the past, which cost eight cents of silver.She envied wu Su and even mixed with a trace of their own are not aware of jealousy.She was peerless in charm, amazing and brilliant, and even her husband Xu Xiao was valiant and skillful in battle, and wu Su was everything, which made her feel inferior to herself, but unwilling to be inferior.I still remember that the young and energetic general, with a simple smile on his face, half knelt on the ground in the room to put on the thousand-layer cloth shoes for sister Wu, which he had sewn by himself. And the white woman in swordplay, who was super holy, laughed very happily just for a pair of rough cloth shoes.This simple happiness seemed to have eluded her.She always felt that she had never lost to Wu Su, and had always let herself not lose to her, and also tried to make her husband and her son not lose to her husband and her son.Struggle, is the pronoun of her life.She had been fighting with Wu Su, the princess of Beiliang, even though Wu su had already passed away for many years after the white coat case in the capital.But she always hates to lose.But in the end, she didn’t seem to win either.But there is one point, she is more than Wu Su and their love of the people accompany longer, this point, as if she won.She had been his companion since he was a prince, and for many years had treated him with the utmost respect.Occasionally he would draw his own eyebrows for her.Outsiders say she is strong, cold and manipulative.But only he, know her heart unwilling and lonely;He alone, even with her grey hair, never tires of looking at her.She was happy to marry him.She’d be happier to grow old with him.That moment, he finally fell in her arms, she has no female mother instrument the world should have style, just tears.But inside, she was at peace.The man she had always loved could finally rest.And this moment, she is winning wu Su.(Note: All pictures in this article are from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)